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POSSE RIT 2012 Monday

This is the third POSSE event I have been involved in, and the second which I have helped to run, and I always feel like a visitor in a foreign country. I am not a coder, so there is always this sense that I am a strange animal in this landscape. As I started to … Continue reading

POSSE RIT TUESDAY Commarch Assignment

Yesterday went extremely well. I will admit to being fairly nervous about how my assignment on Commarch (community architecture) would be received, but the delightful crew of faculty we have in attendance leaped right in with both feet, and really got to the meat of the assignment right away. Chris also introduced us (I’m wiping … Continue reading

POSSE RIT 2011, Monday

It’s fascinating being on the teaching end of a POSSE experience. I was on the itinerary to open with a presentation on IP, copyright, and Open Source history this morning. Originally geared towards undergraduates, I tweaked my presentation towards an audience of educators, but since my own background in OS is still somewhat limited I … Continue reading