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POSSE RIT TUESDAY Commarch Assignment

Yesterday went extremely well. I will admit to being fairly nervous about how my assignment on Commarch (community architecture) would be received, but the delightful crew of faculty we have in attendance leaped right in with both feet, and really got to the meat of the assignment right away. Chris also introduced us (I’m wiping … Continue reading

New Erection

I had planned to build a solar greenhouse on the back of the house this summer. Problem #1 I needed an engineer to sign off on my design and certify that the structure will indeed add energy to my house. Problem #2 A couple more chickens showed up, and I realized that I would need … Continue reading

Frankenbattery: IT’S ALIVE!

Over the years I have heard hardware and electronics geeks mumbling occasionally about how nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries could be “shocked” back to life, and like a lot of kind of similar mumblings I thought the idea was just balderdash. But last week one of the batteries on my 12volt Ridgid drill went bad, and my … Continue reading

A Physical Conservative

I replaced the back door today.  The job’s not quite done, I did the rough work.  Took out the old one, and fitted and shimmed the new one.  Have to finish it off tomorrow.  It’s profoundly satisfying.  A clean, glass, mullioned window, where there was cracked and hazy plexiglass.  The new door closes without any … Continue reading