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For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to write a piece on how awful media has been on this election.  Then a week after I wrote my first draft, there was a ton of coverage on alternative media about mainstream media, saying what I had said in my post.  At least in my world everyone is waking up to the fact that mainstream media has anointed Hillary Clinton, and is doing everything it can to ignore growing Bernie Sanders support.  There has been no coverage of this weekend’s Bernie rally in Seattle in ANY of the major news outlets, despite having a crowd of more than 25,000 people.


Before it becomes stupidly stale, here is the post I’ve been trying to get together:




(Credit:  San Diego Tribune)

I hate election time so much.  I have for a long time.

I hate it because it makes me angry.  Imagine Lewis Black

American media coverage of the Democratic Primary is just plain, sugar-coated, shitty.

For the last thirty years Fox News viewers have complained about “liberal media.”  Now its our turn to complain.
The heart of “Liberal Media:” The New York Times, NPR, and Washington Post–I can’t pay attention to any of them anymore.  I start reading or listening, and I turn into Lewis Black.

My current blood-pressure-spike over the coverage of the Democratic Primary Election, is about the characterization of Bernie Sanders as a “fringe” candidate with no chance of winning.  This is the constant narrative drumbeat of “liberal media.”

I’m not going to make the argument as to why Bernie Sanders is a viable and an important candidate because despite my bitching here, there are places (below) where one can read and get that information from people far more knowledgeable and entertaining than me.  But what most of these folks cannot really do, or have not done much of, is discuss why the fuck liberal media has been so biased in the Democratic Election.

Why? Why?  WHY??

–because American media is owned by big business interests, and Bernie Sanders wants to directly challenge those interests.  It’s dead simple.  There’s a lot about American politics now that’s not simple at all, but that’s about as obvious as a deer carcass by the side of the highway.


Americans cannot get a clear idea of the electability or positions of this candidate anyplace in American media.  It’s unspeakably pathetic.   The term National Public Radio is itself offensive.  There’s been little about their current political coverage that serves the “public.”  NPR has broken its pledge to serve the public.  It did so almost as soon as it began to accept large corporate donations, in the same way that the political process has been corrupted.  NPR has not gotten its money from the Federal Government and individuals for many years.  Long enough that an entire generation of broadcasters has come up in this institutions that takes a big chunk of its money from corporations.  Corporations that will lose big, when and if, Bernie Sanders is elected.

Hillary Clinton will not send anyone from Wall Street to jail.  Hillary Clinton will not significantly raise taxes on the wealthy or corporations.  Hillary Clinton will not close any for-profit prisons.  All of NPR’s Democratic coverage has focused on the Hillary-Clinton-being-elected narrative.

It would me murderous, but I hate guns.  So here’s a photo of a gun.



BUT, there are pockets of people with news outlets that provide useful information, that does not require radical-slant-translation to decrypt.  Moyers and Company, does a good job generally.  Robert Reich has done, and continues to do, a shit-ton of work providing really good analysis of why Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is based on serious, even profound analyses of our current national state.  Reich is a former philosophy student, so he can see what the fuck is happening, and describe and explain it clearly.  Mary Baker Eddy aside, The Christian Science Monitor‘s coverage has been reasonably open minded about the Democratic Primary.  Alternet has also done a good job of covering the election.

May I just say we’d all be fucking fucked if John Oliver,  Stephen Colbert, and Trevor Noah were not there to amply fill the gap after Jon Stewart’s departure.  Trevor Noah is still in the duckling stage, but his flight feathers have started to come in nicely and most of us see him losing his downy-softness soon.

Some people I’d expected to be trenchant and profound on this election, instead, really disappoint me.  Rachel Maddow cannot seem get past her own personal fascination with Hillary Clinton to give good coverage of this primary–though I like her reporting and analyses on most any other topic.

I have election fatigue already, and we are yet many more months from the general election.  If Hillary Clinton is elected, I will be saddened and disappointed.   If Trump is elected–well, half of my family is from Canada anyways.  🙂


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