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I have been watching this since the second week on Hulu. I am blown away. So far, there has not been a single off-note in the entire series. In it a man travels back to 1960 to prevent the Kennedy Assassination.  James Franco is outstanding–as is the rest of the cast. Based on a Stephen King novel–who … Continue reading

Market-Based Politics

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to write a piece on how awful media has been on this election.  Then a week after I wrote my first draft, there was a ton of coverage on alternative media about mainstream media, saying what I had said in my post.  At least in my world … Continue reading

Writing Process and Audience

  As an artist there are a lot of days when I get up and feel the necessity to write and don’t.   Days when I should post as part of my job as a writer, but when I don’t feel it.  Perhaps that is why I am here–a voice singing quietly in dark corner of … Continue reading