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Bad Behavior

Once in a while I see something that staggers my mind.  I’m not talking about politics where that’s pretty much the norm these days, but in my personal life.  Someone in my FB feed today posted a video of a well dressed woman on a park bench, surreptitiously taking a dump, and it reminded me of this story.

So about five years ago, I was sitting at the light at the end of my street with my kids in the car. A guy, reasonably well dressed in khakis, with a button down shirt, tie and a briefcase walks over to the brick wall behind my car, unzips, and starts peeing on the wall. This is 15 feet off Monroe Ave, in plain sight, right next to the Center For Youth. I’m watching him in my rearview mirror shouting, “Are you fucking kidding me?” My kids are like, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Then the guy zips up and crosses the street to go into the Center for Youth. I was livid. I ran the kids back to my house–about 200 yards away–then went to the Center. He was standing in front of the receptionist. I loudly asked her if is was the policy for folks working at the Center to urinate on the buildings around here. The guy’s head snapped around and he stared at me, wide eyed. She said, no, it was not and asked me if I wanted to speak to the director. “Yes, please,” I replied.  “Mr. PP Man” turned and exited. Speaking to the Director, I found he had apparently been there to interview for a job.

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but it appalls me that there are folks out there who have such a complete absence of pride and civic and community responsibility that their judgment says it’s okay to defecate in public.  Other countries, in the country, different standards, different cultures, fine, but in the middle of the city with folks walking around and bathrooms within a block’s walk?


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