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Coming Back

SO this is a boring entry. It’s mostly meta, talking about what I’m going to do here on this blog from here on out.

For the last five years I’ve done almost all of my writing on Facebook.  I’ve done a lot, a lot, a shit-ton of writing on Facebook.  I would guess probably someplace north of 100k words. Most of it has been good writing, writing that I have both passionate and proud of.

But I’m tired of giving that shit away.  I have a master’s degree in creative writing.  I now write as well as I had hoped that I would be able to when I was a young man and began this endeavor.  I write all the time.  Every day, because I love it.  I have paid my dues.  And Mark Zuckerberg does not deserve the fruit of my long sweaty labors.

So here I am.

The scope and focus of this blog is about to change because my scope and focus has changed.  I’m not doing very much in Open Source development right now, although that too could change.  I have an idea for a long term project–which is also in line with my current interests–that I want to get going.  I will do an entry about that soon.  More than that, however, these days I write most often about politics, about the severely broken democracy we find ourselves in in the United States.

I am a progressive liberal.  If you are a conservative and wish to dialogue in a fact-based discussion on just about any issue, I’m willing to engage you publicly.  The goal being to better understand each other and/or find common ground.  Trolls and the like will be ignored, then banned from the site.

I am also currently studying to be a homeopath, a course I have been on for about three years.  Likewise I am very willing to engage skeptics in polite discussion.  Given this is my chosen profession, I need practice in learning how to explain it, and defend it.  But trolls and the like will be ignored, then banned from the site.

For the last eight years I’ve been working on upgrading my 110 year old home as a model for Urban Homesteading.  Four years ago I put on a metal roof.  I had solar PV installed a year and a half ago and plan to at least partially heat my home with passive solar.  I keep about a dozen chickens, and grow a huge garden each year.  I will build a passive greenhouse onto the south side of the house either this summer or next.

Lastly, I’ve gotten back to creative writing–apparently in a big way.  Although I’ve only been working on my current project for about a month, I have had ideas for it floating around in my head for two or three years. It is a science fiction novel and it is moving steadily forward.  My current plan involves posting the novel in installments here, and I will be seeking reader input on it.  I am also going to do a lot of writing about process here.  Having been a writer with a largely broken process for many years, I have a lot to say about it.

Post-lastly, I’m going to talk about anything I damned well please here too. Probably science, music, media-communications, and culture.





One thought on “Coming Back

  1. Congratulations on taking the step towards getting a return for your writing. Looking forward to your future posts. Love a blogger who is matter-of-fact-dont-like-it-then-leave.

    Posted by mamazedshomestead | August 23, 2016, 11:25 am

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