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A New Civil War

I have a sister whom I have not spoken to in the last eight years. It sucks. I miss her.  A lot. The day I found out “Fannie” was a racist, I was in my office, feet up on my desk, Fannie was telling me how she and her husband, “Walter” were going to have to move … Continue reading

Space Robots

Part of my impetus for starting to work on a science fiction novel has been that I started watching “The Expanse” recently.  When I first saw previews for it, my first thought was that “Oh shit!” one has when someone soundly beats you to executing an artistic notion. For two years I have been kicking … Continue reading

Writing a Novel & Being Alone

I’m at the start of my fourth attempt at writing a novel in thirty years, working on the backstory and setting for what I hope to make into a science fiction novel, or two, or three or more.  I have three unfinished novels in plastic bins in my attic.  If I count my memoir, it’s … Continue reading

Sa Wa Dee

When I was a kid and a teen, my Uncle Bruce, had a Siamese named Sawadee, or “Dee” for short. Despite being a tiny slip of a cat, no more than eight pounds, she was the meanest cat I’ve ever known. When I went to stay with my uncle, who also took care of my … Continue reading

Bad Behavior

Once in a while I see something that staggers my mind.  I’m not talking about politics where that’s pretty much the norm these days, but in my personal life.  Someone in my FB feed today posted a video of a well dressed woman on a park bench, surreptitiously taking a dump, and it reminded me … Continue reading


Right now I’m listening to the Eurythmics soundtrack album for the film of Orwell’s 1984.  The film is ehh. But I’ve probably listened to the Eurythmics album at least once a month in the 32 years since.  It weirdly expresses most of what I like about the novel and what I loved about the 80’s. … Continue reading

Coming Back

SO this is a boring entry. It’s mostly meta, talking about what I’m going to do here on this blog from here on out. For the last five years I’ve done almost all of my writing on Facebook.  I’ve done a lot, a lot, a shit-ton of writing on Facebook.  I would guess probably someplace … Continue reading