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Day Two POSSE RIT 2012

We managed to muddle through talking about documentation and the need for and uses of documentation in Open Source projects, and later I realized that I must have a powerpoint on that topic, and that because of my exhaustion that I didn’t quite make the connection. Despite that, we did muddle through on our own, reinventing the wheel. We did an initial dive as well that was led by Remy Decausemaker, Ralph Bean, and Nate Case. They did a truly outstanding job. Now this was the first time that I was working in a GUI (GitHub) instead of a terminal screen, so that was a huge help to me, but I have to say that I had no trouble at all both understanding what I was doing and the structure of Git repositories and process. Professor Bean took the discussion into rather more depth in terms of workflow than I could follow, but only briefly, and I could appreciate issues in abstract at any rate. We each used Git to alter a forked file on GitHub the master of which is used to scrape student progress information


One thought on “Day Two POSSE RIT 2012

  1. David –
    Sorry for this totally unrelated comment, but I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to get in touch with you, ever since I saw your video reminiscence of Alta Maloney. Alta was my aunt, and I have lots of information, plus a few photos, which I would be delighted to share with you. I don’t know if my email will be visible to you on this site – if so, please email me! If not, please look at your recent invitations to connect on LinkedIn and respond to the one from Amelia.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll finally reach you!

    Posted by arhpdx | August 13, 2012, 9:21 pm

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