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POSSE RIT 2012 Monday

This is the third POSSE event I have been involved in, and the second which I have helped to run, and I always feel like a visitor in a foreign country. I am not a coder, so there is always this sense that I am a strange animal in this landscape. As I started to get ready for this week I started thinking about how radically the landscape has changed in just the last year. Perhaps the most significant change that I have seen is that Open Source style collaboration and OS style toolsets are finally finding their way into use by creative artists, the most notable being the recent Kickstarter campaign by Amanda Palmer . Another notable project would have to mention the Norweigan film “Iron Sky” which crowdsourced its funding almost exclusively through fundraising websites.

Personally I want to see what can be done with collaboration in literature. I have not looked around recently to see what is happening, but it is clearly time that I do so. Kickstarter has hundreds of novels and graphic novels listed as projects. I’d like to see artists and writers collaborating on projects in an Open Source fashion. I have no doubt that this is coming soon. “Watch the skies!”


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