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What I want students to be aware of/include in community info requests

Yesterday after Mel talked about her mentoring experience with a high school student, we discussed briefly the kinds of information that needs to be included in help requests to the community.  Here is my initial draft list: 1.  A concise description of the project/goals you are trying to accomplish. 2.  A description of the specific … Continue reading

Posse, day two, OY.

Spending a fair amount of time today being bewildered.  We were warned that this is part of the process, and I would have to say that as soon as we started working on “patches” I was pretty much working in Betty Crocker mode–just following the instructions as best I could, having no idea half of … Continue reading

IRC Clients for Mac–not many, but my bewilderment abounds.

I have currently loaded and operating on my MacBook three IRC clients: X-Chat Aqua, IRCle, and Colloquy.  I have been tasked with the job of selecting the best, or barring that selecting one.  The latter I can certainly do.  Eenie, meenie, meinee. . .   Ah, fuggit.  I can’t do that.  I wrote gadget reviews … Continue reading